18th Aug 2017

Breed: Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles x Miniature Poodle)Temperament: intelligent, seeks human companionship, friendlyLifespan: 10-14 yearsMaintenance: medium Recommended for everyone, especially families The Cavoodle is a cross between the Cavali... more details


18th Aug 2017

Crossbreed:  Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle)Temperament:  intelligent, activeLifespan:  10-12 yearsRecommended for:  active families Dishevelled blonde locks, big dark eyes and puppy-like enthusiasm – who could resist a s... more details


18th Aug 2017

When you receive your puppy it will have been eating a diet of raw beef mince and diced VIP chicken roll (sourced at local supermarket in refrigerated dog food section) morning and night. and they have saphire puppy biscuts (but any good Quality... more details


18th Aug 2017

While puppy is young and a little furball sometimes poo gets caught in its fur around its bottom and puppy acts like it is constipated but it is usually poo dried in its fur on bottom you can keep this fur trimmed short or just keep an eye out for th... more details

Toilet Training

18th Aug 2017

When you get a new puppy one of the first things on the list is house training your puppy. Before the young puppy can be trusted to have full run of the house, somebody must teach the house rules. Otherwise, your puppy will let her imagination run wi... more details

Past Puppies

18th Aug 2017

... more details


24th Jul 2017

Question 1?     Do you Transport puppies Yes we Fly puppies using and for road transport we use Question 2? Question 3? Question 4? Question... more details