18th Aug 2017

Crossbreed:  Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle)
Temperament:  intelligent, active
Lifespan:  10-12 years
Recommended for:  active families

Dishevelled blonde locks, big dark eyes and puppy-like enthusiasm – who could resist a spoodle?  The spoodle is one of the new types of designer dogs. These are crosses between purebred dogs aimed at producing better pets. Purebred dogs are bred for show competition and increasingly they have developed body and temperament problems due to emphasis on breeding show attributes at the expense of basic pet qualities. Designer dogs represent a vast improvement for the pet owner. 


Can vary considerably depending on which parent the puppy takes after, but generally spoodles are medium-sized, semi-longhaired dogs  The coats usually have some curl, and the ears are soft and often long. As to be expected, there is considerable variation between spoodles as the aim is to breed for good temperament rather than a particular look or type.

The best spoodle puppies get the intelligence of the poodle and the devoted, outgoing nature of the cocker – although it’s not guaranteed! Pet owners report their spoodles are friendly, outgoing, and loving.


As a rule, purebred poodles are mated with purebred cocker spaniels to produce a spoodle which is the 1st generation Spoodle but then crossing a Spoodle to a purebred miniature poodle gives you the 2nd generation Spoodle which is usually even lower shedding and may have a bit more curlier coat from the poodle side .

Space, exercise and training

These are usually medium-sized dogs which adapt well to an average backyard, however, they will love a regular walk , and a play in the park etc is highly recommended.

Ideal owner

A spoodle is not a pet for a poser. And it isn’t a pet for people who want to leave their dog in the backyard and ignore it. Spoodles have parent-breeds who love humans and attention, and they have a double dose! This dog needs to be included with family activities and have regular exercise. Training is important and may be challenging for individual dogs.

Spoodle Grooming

Depending on the look of the spoodle, grooming can take between 5 minutes a week to 15 minutes daily. The coats on many spoodles are thick and wavy and many owners use a ‘slicker’ brush (rectangular with pin-type tines) which should take out loose hair and matts.Those that more-closely resemble a Poodle may need more regular clipping.